What if No Really Meant Yes?

I believe busyness is a challenge for us all and many of us run around all day trying to complete everything on our to-do list so we can feel accomplished at the end of the day. Just writing this was on my to-do list for today. Many of us spend a lot of our time trying to please others and over-schedule our lives to the point of exhaustion. We often say things like I have no choice, and I have to, when we really do have a choice and don’t have to.

What if saying No was the best way to say Yes? What do you really want to do do today? What do you feel you have to do today? What have you committed to this week that you scheduled because you felt you had to? What if we were to learn to set better boundaries for ourselves and start saying no more, delegating, or asking for help for some of our to-do list, so we could give ourselves more time for what we really want to do?

Here’s are few things that have helped me in my attempt to conquer busyness, say No more to other and Yes more to myself. First, make a not-do-to list. These are all the things and people in your life that diminish your energy. Everything that doesn’t deserve your attention but fills up your schedule and is really not a priority. Then write down the things you do on a daily basis that are unimportant repetitive tasks that are not leading you toward your dreams, helping you grow as a person or add to your lifestyle. Reduce, remove and eliminate things from your lists and notice how much time you’ve created to do what you really want to do. Re-evaluate your list each week and see if you can pare them down more, but mostly only begin to fill up your time with things that bring you meaning and joy.

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