Slow Down and Smell the Roses

Have you ever felt like you were trying to be responsible and considerate and then had people around you act like you were doing the opposite?

Well two things happened to me this week that got me thinking about why we are in such a hurry and rushing around everywhere like our lives depend on getting more done or getting somewhere fast.

The first one happened while I was sitting at a red light. I was second in line and there was another car behind me. I was actually paying full attention, not looking at my phone for that all important message, looking in the mirror or playing with the radio. I was focused completely on the light, waiting for it to change. It changed from red to green and within that split second the car behind me honked his horn. I said out loud, to myself, “wow, it just turned green, why are you in such a hurry?”

The second one happened while checking out at the grocery store. I was third in line with the first person paying for their groceries. The man in front of me had his groceries on the belt, as did I and one divider was between us. The other was in front of his things. I sensed the woman behind me getting restless and was prepared to get the divider as soon as the cashier moved it. Then when she did, and still had her hand on it, the woman behind me said sharply, “could you give me the divider”? I paused, waiting for the cashier to release it from her hand,  picked it up and placed it on the belt behind my things, letting the woman know, “it wasn’t available yet,” then said to myself again, “wow, why are you in such a hurry?”

So this got me thinking, why are people in such a hurry? I believe one of the main reasons is we have too much clutter in our lives. We’re over scheduled,  and have too much we feel we have to do, so we rush everywhere and often treat people around us not very kindly.

So, how do we begin to clear space in our lives to make room for some kindness? I believe we begin by looking at our environment, our schedule and how we spend our time, and then deciding what must go. What do we have planned or scheduled that we can reduce or eliminate to make room for time to do what we love and spend time with the ones we care for? Because until we create space we won’t have room to allow peace, love and joy to come into our hearts and only then will we be able to slow down and smell the roses.

What clutter can you clear from your life this week?

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