How to Look at Failure as Feedback

We’ve all failed or made mistakes at least once in our lives, and sometimes I get on a roll and have several days in a row. So, how do we learn from our mistakes and look at them as feedback instead of failure?

Ask ourselves what’s the positive intention of this failure? Sometimes this takes a little unpacking.  What if anything contributed to making the mistake in the first place. If it’s something really big like marrying the wrong person and getting divorced we can look at how we got to the decision to marry this person.

This one I can relate to. When I went off to college at 18, I was not a confident person. I had a lot of baggage from from childhood that I hadn’t resolved and wasn’t feeling strong in my self-worth. So, when I met someone who gave me the attention I craved it’s not surprising that I looked at the relationship through blurry eyes.

I did marry this person and it ended in divorce after only a few years. So, when I look back on this time of my life it helps to look at how I got to the point of making the mistake instead of focusing on the failure. It allows me to move forward with feedback instead of beating myself up for it. The positive intention comes from the good that comes out of the mistake. Sometimes it’s the lesson we learn, sometimes it’s more. I have a beautiful daughter from this mistake.

Looking at the positive intention of our failure allows us to look at our mistakes and get feedback, so we don’t become paralyzed with fear of failing again, because we will.


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