Offering Choice vs Change

For most of us change is challenging and even when we want things to be different or know what to do we resist it like the plague. We find ourselves thinking thoughts like, “it will be too difficult”, or “it will be so painful”, and we talk ourselves out of even trying.

So, how to we make change fun, easy and enjoyable? Well, I believe it starts with choice. First we have to choose to take steps that will lead us to the change we ultimately want. Then we need to give ourself options, or choices that will  empower us to partner with creating the change, gently coaxing our brains to do things differently, and finally take action with the first step forward.

For quite sometime I would drink one cup of coffee in the morning and it was kind of like a ritual, until I  noticed the acidity was irritating my stomach and my heart was racing from the caffeine. So, I decided I wanted to quit drinking it. Then I chose to switch to decaffeinated and did this for a couple weeks, and then I switch to herbal tea. This was a much easier process and I was able to quit drinking coffee in just a few short weeks.

Sometimes we need more information before we can take action, but most often we just need desire and then to take the right steps in the right order to create new habits that will lead to the change we want.  Whatever it is you’d like to be different can be accomplished when you start with choice, and It can be a fun easy way to create new habits that turn into behaviors that lead to the lasting change you want to experience.

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