Meet Amy

Amy had been teaching health and wellness for 30 years when she decided to focus completely on coaching for the next chapter of her life. She had come to believe that habits are the root of all our behaviors, and she wanted to learn how to create lasting habit change to transform peoples lives. So, she did what most people do these days when the want to know something and she googled “habit change”, found the Health Coach Institute and enrolled in their Become a Health Coach program.

She set out to learn how to transform other peoples lives and transformed her own. During the weekly practice sessions she was coached and uncovered habits and behaviors she’d been doing her whole life that could be traced back to her childhood. The dynamics in her family environment had not been ideal and she’d learned at an early age to fly under the radar, not make waves, and play small to avoid being criticized, and had developed ways of managing her anxiety and feelings of lack of self worth that she was not aware of. Over the course of her 6 month training she gradually learned new ways of doing things in her life, to give to herself first (without feeling guilty) and breakthrough the barriers in her mindset to free herself from the bondage she had carried for years. 

In June of 2016, she started her own business, Simply Natural Coaching and specializes in helping high achieving professional women find balance in busyness, set healthy boundaries to make themselves the priority, simply slow down, create calm out of chaos and enjoy the sweetness of life.