Meet Amy

Hello! Here’s a little bit about me.

I grew up in the midwest in Madison, Wisconsin, the daughter of two teachers and the middle of 3 children. I learned to love the outdoors and nature from my parents and spent every childhood summer on the coast of Maine.

I went to part of high school and college in Maine and then moved to Florida and I’ve been living here now for over 25 years. I’ve lived a very full life and had many ups and downs like many of you but my life really got good when I was approaching 50.

I’d been teaching for 30 years and realized I wanted to live the next 50 years differently, so I set out to become a coach. I had now idea what a journey I was about to embark on. For me coaching brought so much clarity to why I felt the way I did and how different experiences in my life had affected me. Some I could even trace back to my childhood.

Fast forward to today I’m living a different life. I’m more mindful, more kind to myself and I choose how I want to experience my life. I never knew I had so much power inside me and now I’m able to share what I’ve learned to help YOU too.

If you want to live a different life schedule a Strategy Session with me. It may be the Best step you’ve every taken.