Information vs Transformation

A crab spends a long time growing it’s tough outer shell and wears it where ever it goes to protect it from danger. Then goes through a very difficult transformation as it sheds it’s old shell and grows a new one and is left very vulnerable during this process.
Similarly to a crab we develop habits over a lifetime that protect us and keep us safe and when we want to change it can be uncomfortable and often scary to expose our weakness or ask for help.
This is why we often seek out information instead of transformation. We want to believe if we know more it will somehow bring the change we want. 
After teaching health and wellness for 30 years, I’ve come to realize that information does not equal transformation. To transform our health and our lives we need to create new habits that eventually become behaviors that last. This means learning how to do new things that are different than we are used to and change our mindset. ​​​​​​​I know it can be scary because I’ve been in your shoes, but you deserve to have the life you truly desire.  So, what do you really want, more Information or Transformation?

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