Certified Health Coach

     Hello! Welcome to Simply Natural Living. I’m Amy Rybicki, a Health Coach who focuses on helping women Simply Slow Down, Balance their Busyness, Make themselves a Priority, and Create Calm Out of Chaos. 
     Before I became a coach I taught health and wellness for 30 years to adults and children. I’ve always enjoyed encouraging and motivating people but found they also need more than just information. I decided I needed to learn strategies to help people create new habits that would lead to lasting behavior change, so I set out to become a coach. 
     The first certification program I enrolled in was 6 months long and included weekly skills labs. This provided the opportunity to practice coaching and also be coached. During these labs I uncover many of my habits I was completely unaware of and had been doing for years. This is where my journey really began. I’ve continued my learning and completed additional training and I’m now ready for YOU!
     Habits are the root of all our behaviors and often times we aren’t even aware of how we are doing things. As a coach I bring clarity to what’s stopping you from getting what you want. Then I provide small manageable steps, support and accountability to get you where you want to be. My Simply Natural Approach provides the right system, the right support and the right accountability to allow you to grow, change and sustain the new life you create.
     The first step to your transformation begins here. Schedule a FREE Strategy session and give yourself a Fresh Start. You deserve it! We can meet on the phone, in person (if you are local) or on FaceTime. I look forward to meeting you soon.

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